Online petitions

Please read carefully the information on the mode of examination of online Complaints submitted to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MoECR).

  1. The web page www.mecc.gov.md  provides you the opportunity to submit an online Complaint to the Ministry by filling in the electronic form below.
  2. The size of the complaints text should not exceed 2000 characters.
  3. Depending on the issue addressed, the targeted Departments of the MoECR and Moldova Education Reform Project (MERP) staff responsible for Grievance Redress Mechanism will be involved in examining the inquiry/complaints.
  4. The Department that examines the inquiry/complaint may check the veracity of information and request additional information.
  5. The response will be submitted to complainant through e-mail indicated in the inquiry/complaint.
  6. The confidentiality of personal data and information communicated shall be ensured upon submitting and examining electronic complaints.
  7. If you don’t have an e-mail address, you may submit an inquiry/complaint by post or paper – based complaint.